Corporate Responsibility

Dear Stakeholders,

We attempt to weave sustainability parameters in the fabric of our business processes resulting in to tangible gains. This has collectively reflected on our improved triple bottom line which integrates social, economic and environmental considerations of business. We would thereby accelerate our steps towards our vision -To become the most admired, successful and socially responsible special steel manufacturer in India by 2019.

Undeterred by the continuing turbulence and slump in the steel market we have been able to keep ourselves afloat in these hard times with our understanding and commitment to be a sustainable steel manufacturing business

Planet care

We are proud of the impressive achievement of having a science-based target in place! The world is witnessing great momentum on corporate climate action through the rapid increase of companies setting ambitious commitments. “Indian steel manufacturer Sanyo Special Steel Manufacturing India Pvt.Ltd.,(SSMI) commits to reducing Scope 1&2 emissions per tonne of steel produced 35% by 2030, against a 2016 base-year. SSMI also commits to reducing Scope 3 emissions per tonne of steel produced by 35% by 2030 against a 2016 base-year.” SSMI is 1st Steel Company in world and 1st Company from India and emerging market to have approved science-based target in place.

People approach

We foster an inclusive and diversified work environment. We aim to be an employer of choice, which can be achieved by inspiring our workforce as well as enabling them to develop professionally. We foster a work culture that is growth-focussed and performance-driven. We ensure an encouraging and bias-free workplace through our policies and practices encompassing human rights, ethics and transparency.

In line with our commitment to negate any harm to our workforce we provided adequate protection in areas of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE).

It is our firm belief that the ability to develop and deliver consistently is possible solely through innovation and partnerships, along the value chain with our suppliers, contractors and customers, in order to co-create and deliver to continuously changing market requirements. This is critical in helping us future-proofing our business.

Reaching the last mile

Our work towards the empowerment of our neighbouring communities has gained more focus and drive, with greater commitment to deliver better results. We have become more impact-oriented and ensure that we achieve the desired outcomes.