Life Cycle Assessment

Today there is a strong need to understand the entire product and process life cycle to evaluate long term environmental impact and performance, particularly for the steel industry due to its recyclability at end-of-life. We commissioned an Environmental Life Cycle Impact Assessment study of our products with think step’s GaBi Software to help us examine our product life cycle more closely. We examined multiple parameters including our carbon footprint, resource consumption, apart from residues, by-products and water consumption.

How Life-cycle Assessment helped us

Based on development of the LCA model and Life Cycle Impact Assessment for significant environment impact categories, we were able to identify and categorize emission sources, boundaries and processes according to standard protocols such as ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. We had an estimation of section wise benchmarks for technology from industry peers and learnt of reduction and improvement opportunities and recommendations. We have also performed Simulation Life Cycle for our business based on the future expansion plan and roadmap for F 21. This will be very much helpful in understanding the future impact of business on environment Beside this we also conducted Social Life Cycle Assessment at our value chain to understand the social aspects very closely.