Management Accountability


Having adopted the 5th perspective of environmental and social aspects in our Balanced Scorecard since 2011, SSMI has been focussing on embedding sustainability into business strategy and establishing linkages with the financial, customer, internal business processes and learning & growth perspectives.


Sustainability is both a differentiator and a key driver to innovation, and we want to undertake a collaborative journey with our customers, suppliers and employees towards sustainable development and its success. This is how we will create medium & long term value for our company and its stakeholders. Our long term goals will define the way forward and enable us to achieve our vision

  • Supply Best quality special steel in India
  • Highly motivated group of employees
  • Corporate Responsibility is woven in the business paradigm
  • Superior financial returns


We have designed a rolling 5 years’ strategic sustainability roadmap that consists of our evidenced current material issues along with potentially emerging material issues. The roadmap is further categorized to identify 16 cross functional teams & responsible leadership, connectivity with our Balanced Scorecard, Risks and Opportunities, collaboration, training, projects and their execution framework, linkages to GRI indicators and Global Goals. We have a detailed aspect document for each team. Over the years a robust review and monitoring mechanism has been developed to ensure all sustainability goals and targets are achieved and surpassed.

Sustainability Framework

It helps us to translate our sustainability vision to our core operations and managing our sustainable development effort.

Measures of Safety

The Way Forward

With the recent advances in technology implementation and empathy for responsible product and consumption in all dimensions, we are confident of continuing to see significant results in the future.