India GHG Program

The India GHG Program is a voluntary initiative to standardize measurement and management of GHG emissions in India. We are a founder member and happy to be associated with the India GHG Program, a joint initiative by WRI India, TERI and CII.

Green Power Marketing Development Group

The objective of GPMDG is to scale-up Indian green energy markets and enable corporate buyers to access reliable & clean energy, diversify their energy portfolios with green power and reduce their impact on climate change while creating new opportunities for renewable energy supplier and technology providers. We are a member of GPMDG India, a joint initiative by WRI-India and CII.

Alliance for Integrity

The Alliance for Integrity is a business driven multi-stakeholder initiative between private sector, civil society, political organizations and international institutions. It aims at promoting clean business practices and fair competition as a means to a stable, secure and responsible business investment climate. MSSSPL is on advisory partner with Alliance for Integrity.


Other partners


We work with think step earlier PE International to carry out an Environmental LCA (Gate-to-Gate) study of our key products based on the volume and length of processes following ISO 14040, ISO 14044 and World Steel Association guidelines. We have also enlisted think step’sSoFi to assess the sustainability performance of our suppliers and collaborate with them on a formal common platform.


In line with our LCA initiative, we also undertook a Natural Capital Valuation (NCV) exercise with the Trucost, where we evaluated our products in an efforts to understand the dependency of our business on natural capital for revenue.


Other collaborations


We were involved in a pilot study with eRevalue, a technology firm that is developing Datamaran™ - a business intelligence system that provides corporate decision-makers a collaborative platform to determine which Environmental, Social & Governance issues matter most.

Responsible Steel - Steel Stewardship Council Australia :

SSMI is collaborating with Australian Steel Stewardship Council for developing sustainability certification scheme called Responsible steel, designed to provide certification of compliance with nominated sustainability criteria for all sectors of the steel supply chain, and covers the full life cycle of steel.

Product Social Impact Assessment :

SSMI participated in Round table for Product Social Metrics

This was an industry led initiative for developing, verifying and testing a methodology for assessing product Social impact Assessment through product social life cycle assessment. We conducted a case Study as pilot project in collaboration with BMW Germany in the value chain for the Social product impact assessment of the steel ring that goes as bearing in BMW 1 series. The handbook and methodology so developed is now available in public domain for testing and is being pursued further for an ISO standardization.