Reducing Carbon Footprinting

At SSMI, we're constantly trying to modify our processes to use energy optimally. Our Energy and Carbon management programme is in harmony with our vision, mission. Due to the high dependence on energy in producing steel, carbon emissions and pollution continue to pose challenges. Reduction of both pollution and carbon emissions form part of our top five goals at SSMI.

Steel & Emissions

We take efficiency measures towards steel recyclability and technology has helped in emission reduction.The use of energy in producing steel results in emissions of carbon dioxide, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides and dust. Efficiency measures, steel recyclability and technology has helped in emission reduction.

Approach to Emissions

Reduction of GHG emissions is highly material to us and addressing scope 1,2 and 3 emissions while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels forms a part of our eco-efficiency focused efforts. Our goal is to ensure high air and water quality by minimizing our pollution levels and we are looking to new solutions and process improvements while continually monitoring our emissions.

Our Initiatives

Implementation of oxyfuel technology in our reheating furnaces led to a drop of over 50% in our pollution load. We have revamped all our chimneys/stacks to improve air filtration.

Renewable Energy & afforestation

SSMI has an aspiration to switch over its 20% of the total energy consumption as renewable energy. An attempt in the same direction is that the unit has already made a beginning by setting up solar power panels to take care of the lighting load at of its administrative building. We are also receiving electricity from wind power station which will further reduce our carbon foot printing.

At SSMI, tree plantation drives are elementary to our biodiversity management measures.