Resource Intensity

SSMI is committed to act responsibly to prevent or minimize any impact to the environment, and we believe that saving and making the most efficient use of resources is critical to this effort.

Our Role

We continually work with our employees, vendors, customers to increase our production efficiency, ensure that we reuse or recycle at every opportunity to minimize waste generation, and dispose our waste in a responsible manner. We also counsel our communities to use water and energy efficiently while reducing emissions, and provide support to handle waste effectively. We encourage newer resource efficiency measures at our sustainability review every quarter, while examining industry best practices for the forthcoming quarters.

Resource Efficiency

To improve our resource intensity, we are measuring our resource consumption, recycled input material levels and natural resource input. We have been able to reduce rejections, increase recycled input material, reduce surface defects and improve end to end yield across multiple products.

Saving Before We Use

Approximately 65 % of our input is recycled steel scrap today, and we have set our sights on an 80 % recycled input in the future. Using scrap enables us to save on conserve significant raw material and divert valuable material from going to landfills. Steel production typically generates by-products or residues such as scales, slags, sludge and dust. We either treat or reuse these during production, or sell to other industries. For instance, we recycle portion of refractories bricks every month.